SupportPack™ by PedFast Technologies

SupportPack™ by PedFast Technologies

Secure speedy support for your licensed PedFast programs!  SupportPack™ gives you peace of mind, plus access to free upgrades and free SupportValet appointments. You can simply purchase a SupportPack™ for all of your programs.

SupportValet is available for these programs:

  • The Breeder’s Standard® 2021
  • The Cattery’s Standard™ 2021
  • iPed™ 8G
  • Netigree® III 2019
  • Hide My Secrets™ 2020

...and newer versions of those programs. Older versions are not eligible for SupportPack; please upgrade to one of the programs above in order to be eligible for SupportPack™ benefits.

For only $59.99, you get:

One year of Priority Support:  SupportPack™ customers get their tickets worked before non-Pack customers 

Two free SupportValet™ incidents to be used within the year. Live remote support that normally sells for $59.99 each.  This alone is a value of $119.90!

Free Upgrades for every eligible program! For each supported program you are licensed to, you will receive any upgrades that happen within the year you have the SupportPackTM — free!  This is another $45-75 value. 

Your year of benefits begins as soon as you purchase a SupportPack™. You will receive codes for your two free SupportValet™ appointments via email in minutes. If there is an upgrade for any supporting program, you will receive it free — automatically. Your support tickets will be automatically escalated to the front of the line.  These benefits continue for an entire year.

Frequently-Asked Questions: 

Why only for the latest programs?
Because you need the latest programs in order to have an effective free upgrade benefit.

If I have three programs, how many SupportPack do I need to get support and free upgrades for all of them?
Just one!  This buys you priority support and free upgrades for all eligible programs.

Do SupportPacks cover Mac products or your online offerings?
Not yet.  We are looking into this.

Can I give or sell my SupportValet codes to friends with your programs?
No.  They are for you alone.

Do SupportValet codes expire at the end of the year?

Does this automatically renew and charge my card again?
No!  We don't even store your credit card number for a SupportPack purchase.  We will send you a reminder email when your Pack is about to expire, and you can choose whether or not you will renew it.

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