The latest updates of our main programs occurred on October 17, 2017
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Announcing: The Breeder's Standard 2018!

Announcing: The Breeder’s Standard® 2018!

PedFast Technologies™, the World Leader in Animal-Related Software, announces the latest iteration of its flagship product: The Breeder’s Standard® 2018. We’ve taken the best pedigree software ever devised to a new level of excellence. Some of the new features we’ve added:

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One-Screen Animal Entry – Contacts and Registries

This was our #1 most-requested feature. You can now save an animal, and then from the same screen enter and see:

· Owners

· Breeders

· Who you obtained the animal from

· Registries and health certifications

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Date Based Reporting

TBS 2018 has added reports, but it has also added the ability to choose date ranges for many reports. You are given over 20 date ranges to select, as well as All Dates if that is what you want. It is easy and speedy.

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Added Reports

We’ve added over a dozen new reports to TBS 2018! The competition section has been bolstered, and with the date-based reporting above, each report is like 25 reports in our older programs.

We’ve also added Graph reports to the kennel reporting section.


Auto-Reporting of Problems

Everyone has a problem from time to time. Now, if you are logged into your program with MyPedFast™, we send a problem report to our servers and open a support ticket – automatically. If you are not logged in with MyPedFast, we create the problem report in your Documents folder so you can send it. The problem report is designed to get you speedy help. We don’t send any sensitive information or your animal database to PedFast.


Speed Improvements

TBS 2018 has been speed-optimized. We have streamlined several features in order to improve your user experience.

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Look and Feel Improvements

TBS 2012 was a leap up from TBS 2009, but now we have added ease-of-use and readability improvements to TBS 2018. We’ve started to change the screens to a slightly larger and more-readable font. We’ve restored the File menu to the main window. We added a whole new Help Tab with the most-common assistance icons – including a link to our FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions) web site (Requires Internet access).

We keep on working to make the program easier and better.

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Help Improvements

Our industry-leading help has also been modernized. So has the TBS 2018 User manual. Puggsley™ remains available on every single window – instant online help that is always oriented to the screen you’re using.


AutoUpdate™ III – Improvements

AutoUpdate III will update 32 bit TBS 2018 installs to 64 bit if your computer supports it.

Available Now!

The Breeder’s Standard® 2018 is immediately available. You can download it here with your MyPedFast™ login.

Questions and Answers

  • Can I try this out without messing up my TBS 2012 database?
    TBS 2018, both free trial and full version, can open the same database as TBS 2012 and TBS 2012 can reopen it without difficulty. Same goes for iPed 5G and 6G.
  • Will my Pedigree Power Packs 2.0 that work with TBS 2012 and iPed also work with TBS 2018?
    Nothing new to buy.
  • I have TBS 2009 but never upgraded to 2012Can I still upgrade from 2009 to 2018?
    The PedFast Database Migration Utility is included at no charge in the 2018 program.
  • I want a free upgrade!
    If you purchased TBS 2012 on or after April 1, 2017, you are automatically eligible for a free upgrade to TBS 2018 and will receive a free upgrade order before July 30m 2017.
  • I am not eligible for a free upgrade, so how much is TBS 2018?
    If you are upgrading from a PedFast Product, the cost is $59.99 (plus sales tax in Illinois), and if you are purchasing a PedFast product for the first time, the cost is $109.99. If you want the software on CD, there will be a S&H charge added to the order that varies by country.
  • How long until the Mac Version?I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever!
    We continue to work on the subsystem that will allow us to port iPed and TBS over to the Mac. It is complex and we are trying. Apple changed OSX and that has caused all developers headaches.

Order Now!

TBS 2018 is available now. Click here to order the program on our secure web site. Again, if you have purchased from us before, you are entitled to upgrade pricing.

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